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Artist’s live/work space in SW London

At London Lofts we have our first live/work space and it is in Fulham!

Not necessarily where you would expect to find such a space but surprisingly this quiet and up and coming little corner of Fulham brings us Byam Studios and the chance for creative types and/or small businesses to take a 1381 sqft space and model it to your specific needs. It may not be the prettiest space we will ever sell but it does offer just that – SPACE. It will also have it’s own entrance from a quiet footpath and nowadays, decent communications with Imperial Wharf around the corner.

Since 2007  it has been a little difficult to get mortgages on these artist’s live/work spaces but the banks have relaxed a little on this recently and our friend Nigel Denmeade of John Charcol – – is the man to speak to about all things live work and unusual. Just tell him that this studio is 50% residential and 50% B1 commercial and he will have a quote for you the same day. You may need a little more cash than if you were buying some of the local traditional housing but don’t forget that you can live here too and you will not get 1381 sqft for this price anywhere else in this postcode.

Full details are in our sales section.

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