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Live/Work Lost?

Perhaps the biggest thing that we have noticed in our world of warehouses is the remarkable decline in numbers of genuine live work spaces available out there. Once the entry point for living in a converted warehouse, these flexible, creative spaces have been lost to both gentrification and Permitted Development to such an extent that ‘generation rent’ and ‘generation start up’ are really struggling to find somewhere to begin their entrepreneurial careers. WeWork helps of course but it is not cheap and we feel that the concept of live/work is now far more relevant in 2019 than it was in the 1990s when they were everywhere. Ironic.

At LL we probably get around 30/40 applicants a month for live/work and we simply have a handful of these spaces available a year! If you own one of these rare spaces do get in touch with us, as we can virtually guarantee you a tenant within days and at a higher premium than its residential equivalent.

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