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About London Lofts

London Lofts has been established with the sole intention of bringing London’s alternative living spaces to its rightful audience but in the personal manner that is now lost in the very corporate style of modern estate agency.

Our team is headed by Solly Strickland, who brings 15 years of experience in handling London’s most individual and one-off living spaces, from Chiswick to Hackney and Highgate to Brixton. Solly was at the heart of the London loft boom in the mid 1990’s and has handled some of London’s most iconic loft apartments and contemporary living spaces. His clients have ranged from celebrated architects to struggling artists but all are treated the same way.

London Lofts has brought together a team of like-minded individuals, intent on bringing a back to basics approach to agency, which allows us to focus on the personal side of helping someone to buy, sell, rent or let a property. We have a highly experienced in-house design and build team, with a focus on creating architecturally interesting development schemes across the capital.

We are aware that the perception of what constitutes a loft in 2013 has changed, so if you own, or are looking to own or rent an extraordinary home, be it a classic warehouse loft, or a self-build Grand Design, London Lofts should be the only call you make.

London, May 2013


Letting a Property

Letting a property is simple, it is about information, speed and communication-that’s all. Get these three things right and letting out a space in London is easily achieved.

London Lofts together can draw on over 30 years of experience in the London Lettings market, dealing with all types of spaces. We can guide the first time landlord through to the non-resident landlord and you can be certain of up to date information.

London Lofts originated to bring alternative living spaces to the correct audience and at the heart of this is our ability talk to people. We are in an industry where for years the Landlord fits into two categories: “Let only” or “Fully managed”. We feel that this is too impersonal and we look at every space individually and we treat landlords as individuals. Naturally, we treat our tenants the same way and understanding the tenants means we know where to place them instantly.

London Lofts have confidence that conversations do not end when the tenancy agreement has been signed. A personal relationship with clients and tenants is our core thrust for starting an alternative agency.

There is clearly a need for an agency in London that is just as relaxed talking about property in a Brixton Warehouse or a City penthouse. Call us, you might be surprised by what you achieve.